Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scenery photos with aperture adjustment

I have just been doing a little bit of research into taking pictures. I really liked the way photos were taken to make you focus on a particular thing in the picture and make it stand out. Sometimes if you take a picture of a small creature on a flower and the whole picture is in focus, the creature doesn't stand out. If the creature is small enough, you may not even know where to look in the photo. The idea of making the background blurry, draws people's eye to the focused image. This technique is used by changing the aperture, which is the camera's eye. Make the aperture or eye small eg 2.8 (pictures above) and the depth of field is small. In other words the picture in front that you are focusing on is in focus but everything else is a blur. If you want more of the picture in focus change your aperture to a larger number. You can do this on your AV setting of your camera, then it will automatically change the shutter speed (which you also need to be right) accordingly. Of course I had to have it set on super macro to get in so close. These are just three of my attempts at doing this today.

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